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Retaining Walls Vancouver

If you live anywhere with a slope in your landscape you will likely need a retaining wall of a berm of you want to have a level area for a patio, lawn, or garden. Many of the walls that we build are in North and West Vancouver due to the gradient of the land. For all of our walls we highly recommend installing a good drainage system being the wall so that the wall does not rot out (wood walls), and so that the weight of the water trapped behind the wall does not add added pressure and push the wall over. There are a few different options all varying in price range, style, and strength.


Retaining walls Vancouver
Vancouver retaining wall

Wood retaining walls:

Wood retaining walls are the cheapest and easiest to build. We usually use pressure treated lumber so that it last as long as possible unless you are planning of growing vegetables near the wall. The lifespan of a pressure treated wall is between 10-20 years depending on how thick of lumber you use and also how much water is setting in the soil up against the wall.

Dry stack natural stone retaining walls:

Dry stack wall stone comes in many different colours, shapes, and sizes. We usually select the best stone suited for the application to ensure strength and good aesthetics. For dry stack a good base is essential since the stones are stacked using no mortar with the exception being the top cap.

Mortared walls:

Mortared walls are more versatile than dry stack and sometimes are quicker to build. A good base is also required for these and good drainage is essential.

Troweled finish concrete walls and stamped concrete walls:

A strong concrete retaining wall has a place and for some more modern designs fits the bill. There are many different colours and patterns you can chose from so don't write concrete off as a boring material before you see what can be done.

Allen Block retaining walls:

These can be dry stacked or mortared depending on the size of the wall. They are somewhere between a concrete wall and a natural stone wall and fit nicely in with pavingstone designs.

Gabor Jozsa, owner of Eden's Grove Landscaping Ltd. has been landscaping for more than 25 years. He received a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Corvinus University and studied landscape construction at Humber College in Toronto. Having over 25 years of experience, inlcuding 8 years in the Vancouver area makes all interactions with Eden's Grove a friendly and professional experience. In addition to this, we are fully insured and all BCLNA Landscape Standards are followed to ensure the job is done right.

Thank you for your interest in Landscaping Vancouver. If you have any questions regarding our landscaping service, please feel free to contact us by email.

Vancouver landscaping service areas include: Vancouver - Burnaby - Richmond - North Vancouver - West Vancouver

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