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Spring Clean Up Vancouver - Spring Fertilizer Vancouver

spring clean up vancouver

At Landscaping Vancouver we offer a number of spring clean up services to enhance the look of your garden and prepare your garden for the changing seasons. In order for your plants to be healthy it is important that certain things happen in the spring every year. You should apply garden lime and spring fertilizer to your plants. Make sure not to lime acid loving plants however. You can also add organic matter to your garden beds to aid in healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Your grass needs special treatment too during the spring to ensure healthy growth throughout the year. In order to keep it healthy and weed free you will need to lime and aply spring fertilizer. Also at this time of year it can be beneficial to aerate, power rake, and over seed your lawn. All of these processes are time consuming and may not be necessary but will help if you have growth problems, weeds, or poor drainage in your lawn.

Make sure you book your spring clean up Vancouver service early as this is our busiest time of year.

Services Offered For Spring Clean Up

  • Spring pruning. Sever or drastic size reduction pruning can take place here depending on the plant. Much pruning takes place in late winter early spring so book yours in now to make sure it is done at the right time and ensures optimal growth and flower displays.
  • Lawn services. This is the big time for renovating lawns, repairing patches, or establishing new lawns. We perform: Aerating, power raking, top dressing and over seeding, laying sod, mowing, weed removal, liming and fertilizing.
  • General clean up (weed removal, raking, blowing)
  • Flower bed maintenance (fertilizing, liming, amending soil with organic matter, weeding)
Gabor Jozsa, owner of Eden's Grove Landscaping Ltd. has been landscaping for more than 25 years. He received a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Corvinus University and studied landscape construction at Humber College in Toronto. Having over 25 years of experience, inlcuding 8 years in the Vancouver area makes all interactions with Eden's Grove a friendly and professional experience. In addition to this, we are fully insured and all BCLNA Landscape Standards are followed to ensure the job is done right.

Thank you for your interest in Landscaping Vancouver. If you have any questions regarding our landscaping service, please feel free to contact us by email.

Vancouver landscaping service areas include: Vancouver - Burnaby - Richmond - North Vancouver - West Vancouver

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